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Forms and Contracts

Forms and Contracts

Have you ever felt that you were playing the telephone game with your employees and that the message that you thought you sent just ended up garbled? You are not alone… and that is the very reason that Integrity HR has developed a fantastic tool for communication between owners, managers, and their staff. We call it our employee information form and no employee file should be without it.

With this simple, clear, and easy to use system you make sure that your important communications don’t end up like a dropped cell phone call. We can customize it to fit your business.

Never underestimate a compliant employee file with a well written application. A little more time filling out forms in the beginning saves time and headaches throughout the term of the employee.

Other types of forms that we can assist you with include:

  • All new hire forms required by California law and best practices
  • Independent contractor agreements: Do they meet the required eligibility?
  • Customized forms to help create a system and process for your HR related programs

At Integrity HR your company, your employees and your budget always take center stage.