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HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Dig in, uncover, work with your staff to bring all of the issues to light. That is what Lynn and her staff love to do! Don’t be afraid of your HR concerns, we can help you put simple procedures into place that will eliminate critical errors that could expose your company. It really is easier than you think. Call today for a workplace audit.

Our mission is to partner with our small business clients so that they can successfully compete for top employee talent. We want to help you smooth out communications between owners, management and staff. We do this while never forgetting that you have a budget and need to spend it wisely on the top priorities. A stable and happy workforce makes your company far more productive and profitable.

Have an urgent question? We are only a phone call away.

Do you have questions regarding:

  • How to handle employee leave?
  • How to train your employees about sexual harassment and discrimination?
  • What to do with an employee who may be violent or threatening?
  • What forms do I have to have in an employee’s file?
  • Am I doing things right?
  • How do I develop policies for my company?
  • How do I become compliant so I can sleep at night?